Welcome to the TreeHouse Preschool

Where children learn, grow, and have fun in a parent-supported environment.

TreeHouse Preschool classes are taught by experienced teachers with a parent aide for each class. Our curriculum covers preschool fundamentals such as the alphabet, numbers, shapes, colors, etc. with art, science and socialization mixed in. The prominent idea behind our developmental philosophy is that children at the preschool age learn best through stimulating activities, hands-on interaction, and play, which aides in their social, emotional and cognitive development. Class sizes are limited to 12 students with a teacher and parent aide in class at all times.

What YOU will love about The TreeHouse Preschool

small class sizes

each class is limited to 12 students, with a teacher and a parent aide in class at all times

involved parents

parents participate daily in the classroom, serve as board members, and plan fun activities

field trips & activities

there are 4 out-of-class field trips each year, plus many holiday celebrations and special visitors

What your CHILD will learn at the TreeHouse preschool

Kindergarten Preparation
Our Kindergarten Preparation class readies children ages 4-5 to enter kindergarten the following year. Children are taught the alphabet and basic phonics, numbers, writing elements and more, with lesson topics that include seasons, weather, animals, community workers, plants and seeds, and our world.

Early Learning
Our Early Learning preschool class is designed for children ages 3-4 having their first formal experience in a classroom environment. Through fun activities, children work on hand-eye coordination, social interaction skills, and begin the foundations of shapes, colors, numbers, and letters.

What sets the TREEHOUSE apart from other preschools

The TreeHouse is unique in that parents are able to play an active role in their child’s preschool experience. Parents work alongside our experienced teachers as aides in every class, serve as board members to run the administrative aspects of the preschool, and participate in additional ways such as planning class parties, working together to clean classrooms, and to do fundraisers. It has been the experience of the majority of our preschool families that actively participating fosters a strong sense of community where students and their families are able to get to know one another and create lasting friendships.

What past PARENTS say about the TreeHouse

“The growth I have seen in Ava since starting EL has been awesome to watch. We have been blessed to meet so many wonderful families this school year at the TreeHouse. It meant a lot to us because we were fairly new to the community. I also loved my work days in the classroom and watching our little ones interact.”

Bree M., 2020

“The teachers at the TreeHouse are absolutely fantastic. They put much effort into making creative and engaging lessons, and it is obvious that they truly care about the children and their well-being. My daughter asks every day when she wakes up if it’s her school day, and is disappointed when it is not!”

Amy B., 2019